Towards US and Turkish Exit!

Towards US and Turkish Exit!

Turkey continues its aggression against the Syrian north with a clear US complicity, and positions of many countries formally meet with each other on "condemnation" of the aggression, while they are sharply different from each other in their objectives of condemnation, an this is evident in the practical mechanisms they call for as response to deter and end the aggression.

At a time when countries hostile to the course of Astana were satisfied with verbal condemnation without presenting a clear map of solution, two clear and contradictory positions emerged about how to deal with the issue; the US position insists on isolating the Syrian northeast from Syria by calling for a "dialogue between Turkey and the Kurds" far from the Syrian State. In contrast, Russia calls for a parallel dialogue between the Syrian government and the Kurds, on the one hand, and between the Syrian government and the Turkish government, on the other hand. This is expressed by the Russian foreign minister in two statements declaring that "Russia encourages dialogue between Damascus and the Turkish government", and that "Dialogue between Damascus and the Kurds must be established".

The US goal behind implicating the Turks, by withdrawing troops from the border region to a depth of up to 30 km, is very clear goal; on the one hand Washington seeks to create a division and confusion in the relations between the Astana trio, in response to the leadership role of this trio in the resolution of the Syrian problem, including the role of this trio in the formation of the Constitutional Committee despite the Western attempts of disruption of that formation. In addition, a general tendency towards a complete US withdrawal from Syria has become clearer, and the United States is now trying to establish the process of this withdrawal in a way that making its withdrawl leave a massive mess behind it, so that it covers the same function in its absence as in its presence; for the US job in our region has been and remains: chaos.        

On the other hand, the Syrian national interest requires a complete US exit from the Syrian territory. With regard to the north-east, and the north in general, it requires two-way action, the first is to move towards a real dialogue between the Syrian government and the forces of the north-east, especially the Kurdish forces, built on a balanced basis without exaggeration on the part of the Kurds, and without «gloating» and without determination on the part of the government on the idea that the situation should return back to what it had been before the crisis without any real change, because such a real change is a historically accumulated entitlement.

The second direction is to push for an agreement between the Syrian and Turkish governments that would lead to an immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops, in conjunction with the deployment of the two countries' armies on the border, which is the only way to protect their respective interests, territorial integrity and sovereignty.


Completing the process of pushing the US out of Syria is the essential "compass" guiding Syrian national action, in parallel with standing up to any aggression and neutralizing it in all appropriate ways, in order to stop it and end its effects, as fundamental step in the restoration of Syrian sovereignty over all Syrian territory, in parallel with the deepening of serious dialogue between Syrians to resolve all the accumulated problems and crises on the basis of the Syrian people's right to self-determination, and on basis of full implementation of UNSCR 2254.

Kassioun Editorial, Issue No. 935, October 14, 2019