Press Release by Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition

Press Release by Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition

The leadership of Moscow Platform of the Syrian Opposition was informed by the Head of the Platform, Dr. Kadri Jamil, about the deliberations of his meeting today afternoon with Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa.

The leadership of Moscow Platform decided to send a written message to the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran, ahead of their summit, scheduled on September 16th. This message is intended to explain the Platform's attitude towards the main issues related to the Syrian crisis, stressing the importance of the outcomes of Astana track for realizing the needed solution to the Syrian crisis, highlighting the high hopes that this track has spread, since it was first initiated. The letter would also emphasize the necessity of saving this track from any weakening attempts. In addition, the Platform calls for rapidly overcoming the hindering obstacles, in order to put an end to the deteriorating economic and humanitarian conditions of Syrians, inside and outside of their homeland. Accordingly, Moscow Platform expresses its hope that the Astana patrons could turn their forthcoming summit into a significant qualitative step, that helps in launching the comprehensive political solution without any delay, on the basis of fully implementing the UNSCR 2254.

September, 11, 2019

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